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Airport Ground Handling Services
Airport Ground Handling Services

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Aviation in India

Aviation refers collectively to the design, development, invention, operation and use of an aircraft. Aviation industry holds one of the important sectors of Indian economy. General aviation includes all non-scheduled civil flying, both private and commercial. Business flights, private aviation, flight training, ballooning, parachuting, gliding, aerial photography, air charter, charter flights, weather reporting etc are also grouped under general Aviation in India.

Airplane India

Aviation industry in India is rapidly booming. Various airplanes are launched over the years. An Airplane India carries passengers within the country from one airport to another. An Airplane India serves only at the domestic airports. One of the best examples of an Airplane India is Indigo Airlines.

Airplane Car

An Airplane Car is either a car or four-wheeler made in the style and form of an airplane or an airplane made in the form or style of a car.

Ground Handling

Ground Handling is associated with aviation industry. It defines the servicing of a particular aircraft which is temporarily grounded or in other words parked at a terminal gate of an airport. Every aircraft has its own ground handling staff. Speed, efficiency and accuracy are three things to be kept in mind by ground handling service personnels.


Aviation industry in India is growing at a fast pace. The growing numbers of airports and aircrafts in India stand testimony to the fact that aviation industry is rapidly booming. Earlier, there were limited choices of aircrafts for commuters. Of late, various aircrafts have been launched facilitating commuters even with cheap air tickets.


Aviation Industry is currently a booming sector in India. The launch of various aircrafts is a clear hint about the thriving business in aviation sector at present. Various airports- domestic and international both are also launched as well as renovated at present. Facilitating the lives of thousand commuters on daily basis, it is probable that aviation industry will outshine other sectors in the near future.


Any vehicle which is able to fly by being supported by the air or atmosphere is known as aircraft. An aircraft forms one of the important requisites of an aviation industry. From advertising’s perspective, an aircraft is the brand which represents the aviation business of a particular company or organization.


Airplane is also known as aeroplane or simply plane and is a fixed-wing aircraft. An airplane is capable of flight using forward motion that generates lift as the wing moves through the air. In a simpler description, an airplane is a form of an aircraft which is branded and thus carries a name. For example, Kingfisher Airplane.


Infrastructure generally means the input or raw materials which are required to run a particular organization or firm. However, infrastructure in aviation industry means all those resources or inputs which are required for the proper and effective functioning of the aircraft.


An airport is the particular location/place/ site where aircrafts take off and land. An airport consists of at least one surface such as a runway for the plane to take off or land. An airport also includes buildings such as terminal buildings, control towers, hangars etc.


Chennai International Airport is situated at Tirisulam, 7 kms south of proper Chennai City. Chennai Airport has two terminals Kamaraj Terminal and Anna Terminal. Kamaraj Terminal handles domestic flights which connect 20 different destinations across the country with the city. Anna Terminal connects major destinations like Frankfurt, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain, Dhahran, Jeddah, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sri, Lanka, London etc.


Kolkata Airport is an international airport. It is a small airport and handles around 5 million passengers annually. Kolkata Airport is an international airport. However, almost 75% of its passengers are domestic travelers. The airport is operated by Airports Authority of India.


Coimbatore Airport is located in the Peelamedu region of the city. Earlier known as Peelamedu or Coimbatore Civil Aerodrome, Coimbatore Airport is at a distance of 13 miles from the city center. Coimbatore Airport is the second largest in terms of passenger movement and also second largest cargo hub in Tamil Nadu (after Chennai).


Mangalore Airport is located near Bajpe which is around 20 kms north-east of the city center. Mangalore Airport is connected with most major cities in southern and western India as well as many major cities in the Middle East. Mangalore Airport is also amongst the three airports which have table top runaways.


Calicut Airport is located in Karipur, Malappuram district about 26 kms from the Kozhikode Railway Station and 27 Kms from the town of Manjeri. Calicut Airport is the 12th busiest airport in India in terms of passenger traffic and 11th in cargo handling.


Trivandrum Airport is the second busiest airport in Kerala in terms of domestic and international traffic after Cochin International Airport. Located in Thiruvananthapuram, it is also the first airport in Kerala. Trivandrum Airport is strategically located at a convenient point for hopping onto neighbouring SAARC countries like Maldives and Sri Lanka as well as South East Asian countries and Middle East.


Trichy or Tiruchirapalli Airport is a major airport which mostly serves Tiruchirapalli and adjacent districts in Tamil Nadu. Trichy Airport is located on the NH 210 Tiruchirapalli – Rameswaram highway and is 5 kms south of the city center. Built by the British during World War 2, Trichy Airport is one of the oldest airports in India.

Aircraft Ground Handling Services

These are broadly categorized into "Traffic Handling Services" and "Ramp Handling Services".

The former relates to passenger related services such as ticketing and baggage handling at check-in counters and related activities whilst the later covers the entire gambit such as marshalling, loading /unloading, transportation of passengers, clearing of air craft, providing porter, air-conditioning, aircraft and pushback vehicle etc.

Ramp Handling

Aircraft handling
  • Attendance
  • Marshalling
  • Parking
  • Starting
  • Safety
  • Mooting of Aircraft
Aircraft servicing
  • Liaison for fueling and defueling
  • Liaison with suppliers for replenishing of oil and other fluids
  • Cabin Equipment
  • Routine & Non-Routing services
  • Cooling & Heating
Aircraft Cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Interior cleaning
  • Toilet service
  • Water service
Loading or unloading
  • Load or unload passenger baggage
  • Transshipment of passenger baggage
  • Operation of Loading or Unloading equipment
  • Position and removing of passenger stairs/bridges
  • Emplane or Deplane passengers
  • Break or Make up of baggage’s
  • Bussing of passengers or crew
  • Bulk loading or unloading of baggage
Cargo handling services
  • Load and off load, export, import and transshipment cargo from the aircraft.
  • Mail handling services
  • Operate or provide or arrange essential equipment for handling of cargo
  • Transshipment of cargo
  • Palletisation or containerization of cargo
  • Break or Make up of cargo container or unit load device
  • Bulk loading or unloading
  • Watch and Ward of registered baggage or cargo or aircraft and handling equipment
  • Aircraft security or inspection in transit
  • Security or surveillance for ladders point check
  • Security for catering items.

Traffic Handling

Terminal Services
  • Handling documents and load control
  • Passenger and baggage handling at the airport terminal
  • Cargo handling services at the airport terminals
  • Mail handling services at the airport terminal
  • Traffic services at the airport terminals including passenger check-in
Flight Operations
  • Inform the carrier of any known project affecting the operational services and facilities made available to its aircraft in the areas of responsibility
  • Flight preparation at the airport of departure
  • Flight preparation at a point different form the airport of departure
  • In-flight assistance
  • Post flight activities
  • In-flight re-dispatch
  • Communication system associated with Ground Handling
  • Material handling
Surface transport
  • Arrangement for the transportation of passengers or baggage’s and cargo between separate terminals at the same airport.
  • Arrangements for passengers or crew transport together with their baggage between airport and city or other agreed points
Representational Services
  • Liaison with local authorities
  • Information to interested parties, movement of carrier aircraft
  • Disbursement of payment on behalf of the carriers at all airport
  • Supervision and administration services
  • Registered baggage X-ray scan check (baggage and cargo)
  • Surveillance or vigilance for registered baggage at baggage make-up or break-up area of the airport
  • Baggage identification/watch and ward of registered baggage.

Mr. Prem Bajaj, Chairman and Managing Director (Bhadra International Ground Handling)

He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Bhadra International Ground Handling providing dynamic leadership to the top Management Team with over 28 years of experience in the Aviation Sector. He founded the company because of his vision to bring Ground Handling at Indian airports to the best international standards. A leader with compassion, he understands human needs in this labor intensive industry as also the need for the Worlds best equipment to meet and surpass International Airlines exacting requirements.

Mr. Hiyav Bajaj, Director

Masters in Accounting, Finance and Management from Bradford University, Mr. Hiyav is a leader with a positive attitude and a "justice for all" approach, he knows how to get the best out of the human resources at his disposal and his never-ending thirst for knowledge and a focused quest for learning and Implementing the latest management techniques, makes him unique among the members of the corporate family. Mr. Hiyav is an entrepreneur with a 10+ year track record of providing leadership and advise on various aspects of Strategic Leadership, Business Development and Sales Leadership, Financial Leadership, Leadership on Management process improvement, New business Start-up, Branding and Image building.